Trail of Lights

“Trail of Lights is a community event that contributes to the vibrancy of our city. Our partnership focuses on keeping that vibrancy alive.” says Jonathan Barona, Special Project Manager of Donor Relations at ACF.As the fiscal partner for the Trail of Lights, the ACF role is to provide the 501c3 umbrella to the event, and handle a significant portion of the back-office work,

Creative Learning that Pops

In 2009, a group of dedicated Austin educators, philanthropists, parents and civic leaders came together for a collective “mindpop.” They found they all shared the belief that when creativity and the arts are integrated into school lessons, students are more engaged and learning improves. Austin Community Foundation provided critical, early-stage support MINDPOP, a flourishing community initiative.

Turning Up the Volume of Philanthropy

In 2013, Austin Community Foundation helped launch what has become I Live Here, I Give Here’s best-known program: Amplify Austin. For that critical first year of the city-wide 24-hour giving day, the Foundation helped with planning, back-end administrative support, fund distribution, fundraising, and promotion.


Austin Community Foundation was created in 1977, the result of clear vision, hard work and generosity.

Mission Possible: Making Nonprofits More Effective

At the turn of the millennia, Central Texas nonprofit leaders recognized that as Austin grew, local nonprofits needed training and tools to help them be more effective. A key group of nonprofit, public, and private sector leaders met together to share ideas and strategize. To make the initiative truly responsive to the local community, they performed outreach and convened lunchtime listening sessions to determine needs of Central Texas nonprofits.

Sharing the Spirit of Giving

Since 1999, Austin Community Foundation has helped the Statesman share the spirit of giving with its readers. The Foundation receives and processes thousands of charitable donations and distributes grant funds to charities that have nominated families in need.

A Pro Golfer, a Country Singer, a Football Coach and Their East Austin Dream

Creating opportunities for East Austin youth was a goal of legendary University of Texas football coach Darrell Royal after his retirement. Having turned his winning attitude toward doing good, Royal organized a meeting with Austin Community Foundation.