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The Women’s Fund of Central Texas

In Austin, women still make $9,000/year less on average than men in the same jobs. Nearly 13 years ago, Austin Community Foundation and community leaders knew that by investing in women and their children our whole community would thrive.

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Standing Up for the Right to Love

“Back then, gay rights was a very controversial issue,” Anne S. Wynne explains, “so it was a big deal that Austin Community Foundation supported the Atticus Circle.” 

The Gift of Education

In 1973, William Charles Akins was appointed the first principal of the new integrated Anderson High School in West Austin during federally mandated school busing. Dressed in his trademark jacket and tiea careful clothing style he inherited from his father, a custodian who also ran a shoeshine stand on the Drag and hosted a gospel radio show.

Where We All Meet

The Trail Foundation set up the Boardwalk Fund at Austin Community Foundation so funds raised would be in a secure place with a trusted local partner. The relationship lent credibility and encouraged major donors to give more readily.

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People’s Community Clinic

In many ways, People’s Community Clinic has mirrored Austin’s dynamic growth. Founded in the basement of a church in 1970 as People’s Free Clinic, it was originally a volunteer-run operation that was open just two nights per week.


Reading into the Future

"Donors trust the Austin Community Foundation,” says Tim Staley, executive director of the Library Foundation, the public library’s fundraising arm. “It's reassuring to donors when we tell them, ‘If you invest in our endowment, it will be held at the Austin Community Foundation.’



If you ask people today, “What is Austin’s biggest challenge?” lots of folks will answer: affordability. But twelve years ago a “scrappy bunch of people” were already actively working on this issue, joining together to found HousingWorks with support from Austin Community Foundation which made their start possible.

Giving Something Back to Austin

In 1978 the first project of the new Austin Community Foundation was to raise funds to restore the old fireman’s practice tower, a 6-story brick Italianate structure located just south of downtown on the banks of the Colorado River.