People's Community Clinic


In many ways, People’s Community Clinic has mirrored Austin’s dynamic growth. Founded in the basement of a church in 1970 as People’s Free Clinic, it was originally a volunteer-run operation that was open just two nights per week. Austin Community Foundation’s support of People’s Community Clinic goes back to at least 1989. By then, the clinic was open 40 hours a week. Within a year, it would open its IH-35 location and add weekly evening hours.

People’s Community Clinic is dedicated to providing a homegrown solution to health care needs in Central Texas, and strives to offer quality care with dignity and respect for each individual.

Most recently, The Women’s Fund of Central Texas, a program of the Foundation, selected People’s to receive a $15,000 grant to buy fetal heart monitors for its prenatal program.

The Women’s Fund recognizes that the health of women and children is important to the health and well being of the whole community.

The clinic recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of its beautiful new main location, PCC North. Austin Community Foundation contributed $200,000 toward the capital campaign that made the new facility possible. The new location enables the clinic to grow from serving 11,000 patients each year to more than 20,000.

The relationship between Austin Community Foundation and People’s Community Clinic is a longstanding one. It spans nearly three decades and totals more than $500,000 in support. As Austin continues to grow, the Foundation looks forward to continuing to invest in closing the opportunity gap which People’s Community Clinic fills through its affordable, quality healthcare.


Images of People's Community Clinic